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Between Whispers Sweatshirt

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Item Overview:
•Handmade item
•Cyanotype print
•Shipping from Turkey, Istanbul

Item Details
•%100 cotton

What is Cyanotype?
Cyanotype is a one of the oldest photographic printing process that produces blue print using the sun!
We use hight-quality fabrics and papers to make the prints. First, we coat the surface with a light-sensitive emulsion and then expose it to in direct sunlight. Any part of the surface that is exposed will react and change color. Finally we rinse it in water and stabilize the print.
Most beautiful part of the process is every item is unique.

Cyanotype Printed Clothing Washing and Care Instructions
Phosphate-Free and Sodium-Free Detergent: Use a phosphate-free and sodium-free laundry detergent when washing your clothing. This is environmentally friendly and effective in preserving the colors of the prints.
Hand Wash Preference: Hand washing is often best for delicate or fine fabrics. If you choose machine washing, use a gentle cycle.
Temperature Setting: Always pay attention to the recommended temperature setting on the label when washing your clothing. Cold water is generally preferred as hot water can cause the colors to fade.
Inside-Out: Before washing, turn your clothing inside out. This helps prevent color fading and minimizes wear on the fabric.
Drying Method: Avoid exposing the clothing to direct sunlight or high heat. Dry the clothing in the shade or at a low temperature.
Ironing: If ironing is necessary, pay attention to the temperature setting specified on the clothing label. Iron inside out and use a low heat setting.
Avoid Chemical Contact: Avoid contact with bleach or similar chemical substances, as they can bleach the colors of the prints.